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Mystim Rodeo Robin


Mystim Rodeo Robin

$ 47.80 $ 52.36

The Mystim Rodeo Robin is a strap set perfectly suitable for an especially intense stimulation of penis and testicles and provokes a tingly, sensuous pleasure which can either lead you quickly to the most unexpected heights, or can be enjoyed for hours. Thanks to the fact that the straps are adjustable they can comfortably be sheathed, and afterwards adapted so that they are tight around the glans respectively root of penis or testicles. Dimensions: penis strap length approximately 35 cm, testicle strap length approximately 40 cm e or approximately 13.77 inches, 15.74 inches standard US units. Made using Silicone. 24 moths warranty. Included in delivery 1 glans or penis strap, 1 testicle strap, 1 connecting wire. Please note you will require an e-stim device like the Tension Lover, or the Mystim Pure Vibes to activate the poles.

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