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Mystim Plunging Pete


Mystim Plunging Pete

$ 109.80 $ 124.96

Mystim e-stim corona strap For the fancy:

Plunging Pete is a bipolar corona strap with a 24K gold plated urethral sound (4 mm, 35 mm long) flanked by two golden balls, which serve to create an extremely concentrated, tingling or pulsating stimulation because, where the gold touches the skin, the stimulation is bundled, making it particularly intense. Plunging Pete consists of 100% medical grade platinum silicone and is continuously adjustable in size.

  • 100% medical grade platinum silicone.
  • Cables are not included.
  • Requires 2 mm plug (female).
  • 24 months warranty.

Please note you will require an e-stim device like the Tension Lover, or the Mystim Pure Vibes to activate the poles.

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