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Weird Sex Facts

Thanks to social media and our incessant reading, we come across some funny and frankly bizarre facts pertaining to our favorite topic. This is our effort not only to amuse but to a lesser extent educate our friends on this most natural of acts. Please feel free to submit corrections through Contact Us. We do sincerely hope you enjoy.

  • TIME Magazine listed The Hitachi Magic Wand as one of the 50 Most Influential Gadgets of ALL time. TIME
  • "The term dildo was first coined in around 1400 AD and originated from the Latin for ‘dilatare’, which means ‘open wide’, and the Italian for delight, which translates as ‘diletto.’" Source: The Daily Mail
  • After a 1973 Texas statute criminalizing the possession of more than five dildos was struck down by the U.S. District Court of Appeals, the state's Attorney General Greg Abbott (who was subsequently elected governor) sought another hearing on the matter but was denied. Source: PolitiFact
  • Pictured below i"A 7.8-inch (20cm) long, 1.1-inch (3cm) wide stone object (pictured) was found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura. The prehistoric ‘tool’ is made from 14 fragments of siltstone and dates back 28,000 years. Due to its size, experts believe it may be the earliest example of a sex aid ever found"  Source: Daily Mail

  • "In an unusual show of sexual liberalism in England, the activity known as ‘dogging’ is perfectly legal, but only if no one complains about it. Dogging got its name from the act of meeting strangers for sex in public under the guise of taking your dog for a walk, and it seems to have been weirdly popular in the early noughties, attracting major soccer stars and the occasional weathergirl, who would all meet in the car park of a local, reasonably private beauty spot and get it on." Source: Volonte
  • "In Alabama, it’s a criminal offence for a woman who loses at pool to settle her tab with sex." Source: Volonte
  • "[I]f you’re wandering around Hyde Park outside Buckingham Palace and your pooch wants to smooch the queen’s corgis, you will go to prison. So enthusiastic are the royal family to protect the pureness of their breeds that the law protects them from unwanted mongrel attention. Down boy.Source: Volonte
  • The inventor of Graham Crackers, Sylvester Graham, was a Presbyterian minister who advocated for circumcision to curb sexual urges in boys. Source: Thrillist
  • In 2014, as part of an effort to boost the nation's birth rate Denmark launched a campaign called "Do it for Denmark." That's patriotism at its finest. Don't believe us? Check out the commercial below. Source: The Washington Post

  •  Not to be outdone, they then launched a commercial entitled "Do it for Mom." Source: The Washington Post


  • "Australians are the most receptive to the idea of having a threesome – 28% of them claim to have tried it, and 26% have it on their ‘sex bucket list’" Source: Volonte
  • "Talk Dirty to Me" is just a song in Michigan because "Using indecent language in the presence of a woman is a misdemeanor." Source: Men's Health
  • The oldest known sex toys date back 28,000 years and were made of anything from stone, leather, bone (human or animal) and even animal dung. Source: The Daily Mail
  • Rubber dildos did not appear until around 1850. Source: The Daily Mail
  • "77% of Australians love getting oral , but 74% love giving it as well." Source: Volonte
  • "Nearly 10% of Canadians confess to having had sex in a canoe. A senior researcher commented 'I don’t personally know anyone who’s had sex in a canoe, or even how you’d go about that, but I do know canoe usage is quite high in North America.'" Source: Volonte
  • "Orgasm begins in the brain; ejaculation is a spinal cord reflex. For some men, the orgasm hits before the first ejaculation contraction. For others, the reverse is true." Source: Women's Health