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MoreThanSexToys Educational Video on Demand


We are delighted to offer a new video on demand service  Alexander Institute 


These instructional videos feature insights from some of the top sex educators including:

  • Dr. Patti Britton
  • Dr. Lonnie Barbach
  • Dr. Ava Cadell
  • Dr. Bernie Zibergeld
  • Dr. Lori Buckley
With video on demand, you get...
  • Instant Delivery
    • Order and start watching in seconds. No waiting for deliveries. No shipping and handling charges. Never out of stock. No lost or damaged shipments.
  • Instant Access
    • Watch anything you’ve purchased in a few taps or clicks, online or offline. No more hassles with players, remote controls or TV inputs.
  • Safe
    • Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you’ll never lose your digital purchases. You can conveniently download or stream on almost any device you have now or in the future.
  • Eco-Friendly
    • 1.6 billion discs go into landfills every year. Enjoy the advantages of digital and save the planet while you’re at it!




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