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Time to RUMBLE™

At MoreThanSexToys™, we try to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. We bring our customers enjoyment not only from the performance of the products we carry but also from their look and feel. Of all the products we have featured, RUMBLE™ from TANTUS is the most innovative.

Thoughtful, elegant and unique design coupled with superior technology make the RUMBLE™ accessible and enjoyable for an exceptionally wide range of customers. It is not just about the sleek lines but the care and diligence TANTUS' founder, Metis Black, put in to considering how a massager is used and at what angles.

The three interchangeable silicone heads allow the user to customize their RUMBLE™ experience for maximum flexibility to meet their needs and satisfy their desires. The removable silicone head also ensures that customers can keep their RUMBLE™ clean and safe for use.

Rumble Heads

TANTUS describes RUMBLE as "A Vibrator for Every Body."  MoreThanSexToys™ regards this as more than a catchy tagline. This presents a standard for vibrators which come in hundreds if not thousands of sizes and shapes. Until now, there has been no "one size fits all" vibrator. 

We are confident that this innovation in sexual wellness addresses more needs than any of its predecessors for three reasons:

  1. Accessibility - At 6.6 ounces, its lightweight construction makes it easy to hold and control for those with arthritis and muscle pain in their hands (By comparison, an iPhone 6+ weighs 6.07 ounces without a case and the Original Magic Wand weighs twice as much at 1 lb., 3 oz.).
  2. Health and hygiene - The ability to remove the silicone heads lets users keep these clean for repeated use while reducing risks.
  3. Hitting the right spot - The multiple attachments allow for women and men alike to enjoy all this toy has to offer.

We think that RUMBLE™ could be the standard for future massagers. 

Purchase your RUMBLE here and experience the difference.