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Our Review Policy

One of the biggest challenges we consumers face when purchasing any product is trust. We want to believe that what they are purchasing is going to do what we need it to do and that we are not wasting our money. The conventional way to learn about a product without having it in hand is to consult a review.

One of the biggest challenges with sex toys is that no two people are exactly the same, meaning that what make one person's toes curl might evoke a yawn out of another. For that reason it is important to remember that a review is an opinion. It should provide objective descriptions of how the product was used and the feelings it evoked. Our reviewers will try to give you an unfiltered and honest critique of the toys in our catalog.

Who pays for the products?

Most of the adult toy reviews online feature products that manufacturers gave to reviewers free of charge. By contrast, most of the product reviews on our site will be for products which we purchased. Just as Consumer Reports insists on paying for the items they test and evaluate, we too will let you know what products we buy and those which were given to us free of charge. We have skin in the game.

Why do this?

We think that you should know what goes into our critique of the product. We back up our commitment to learning about products and providing our customers with reliable information with our own investment. Our obligation is to give you unfiltered, unbiased insight on what we sell.

We are a small company but we want to earn your trust. That is why we spend the money to perform product reviews. This is not to say that we do not receive freebies once in a while but we will let you know when we do.

Buying the product also means that we are immune from possible pressures to shape our reviews. We are not saying that this happens frequently but we want you to see that our cards are on the table. Knowing whether or not we invested in knowing more about the product is important.

Who are our reviewers?

Normal people just like you, our customers.  We picked our team based on several criteria:

  1. Their objectivity. They are not afraid to make themselves hear and tell you what they really think.
  2. Ability to articulate their thoughts. They all need to be able to write clearly and thoughtfully.
  3. Their experience with sex and sexual wellness products. Some are novices while others are veterans and have used more than their share.

 The point is that they are all enthusiastic and willing to share their thoughts with you because like you, they enjoy sex and want to help you improve your sexual wellness.

Have any thoughts about our policy or any of our reviews, please let us know using the contact form below.