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Male Edge Penis Enlargement System

Male Edge

We met the managing partner from ME at a trade show. As we learned more about their history and the development of this product, we became quickly convinced that we needed to provide this product to our clients as part of our sexual wellness philosophy.

The Story behind Male Edge

As the inventor of the first non-surgical penis enlargement product in 1995 - the revolutionary Jes-Extender, DanaMedic created the best-selling penis enlarger of all time, based on the effective traction method to leverage the human body's natural ability to grow.

But they wanted to create an even better penis enlargement product focusing on comfort and ease of use. So they launched DanaLife and challenged their R&D to create the most innovative male enhancement product on the market. Male Edge exceeded their expectations. Not only is it stylish, discreet and can be used in the comfort of your own home, but its scientifically proven to get you the best results to grow the length and girth of your penis.

DanaLife’s Business Philosophy

To them, penis enlargement is a form of self-improvement. It is not different than going to the gym or using beauty products. Male Edge believe that penis enlargement should be safe, affordable, clinically proven and get you the desired results. This is what DanaLife guarantees and what their products stand for.

Male Edge

How does it work?

Male Edge utilizes the traction method to stretch the muscle tissue within the penis and encourage the cells to duplicate. Unlike supplements or other drugs, this is permanent and natural. The product basically takes what a man already has and makes it bigger.

Gradual adjustments to the traction rods over a period of time result in gradual elongation of the penile tissue through the aforementioned cytokinesis. Much like use of a CPAP during sleep, improvements are made over time.

Traction method used by physicians
Works by applying a steady stretch to the penis. This makes tissue cells divide and multiply – a well known process called cytokinesis. Over time this results in new and natural tissue growth throughout the penis, making you visibly longer and thicker.

Key benefits of the MaleEdge system?

  • Helps to grow your penis without surgery
  • All natural penis enlargement by means of cell division
  • Can help to correct Peyronie`s disease
  • Over 500.000 users worldwide

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"Outside of surgery this is the only method ever tested and proven to actually deliver permanent results...This thing works."