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Couples Toys

Our site features a number of products designed to enhance intimate experiences by stimulating erogenous zones directly with vibrating sensations. We offer various models to fit your needs and budget. From the original We-Vibe Classic all the way to the Lover's Dream and Partner Plus, we have just the right addition to your love-making.

We are delighted to offer these great new products to our customers who are seeking an affordable, high-quality products to enhance their intimate experiences.

How do they work?

These particular products are designed to enhance the experience for both partners by adding vibrations to the genital areas, including the woman's clitoris and G-spot as well as the top side of the man's penis.

But these products can be used in a variety of positions. Notice that in the following diagram, the Lover's Dream is inverted to stimulate the frenulum, or bottom side of the man's penis, directly. This is the most sensitive part of the penis, comparable in nerve endings to a woman's clitoris.

Some toys however take pleasure to the next level. With woman on top, toys like the Lover's Dream or Partner Plus provide dual vibration to a woman's G-spot and her clitoris.

In missionary, the man can use his body to gently grind the vibration into her clitoris while sliding back and forth.  

Now look, we know that this is similar to the We-Vibe Classic and other products. We still offer both because we recognize that some customers might feel more comfortable with the We-Vibe brand and reputation. At the same time, we want to make these kinds of toys accessible and affordable to other customers who want to try out these kinds of products so we brought on Partner Toys. 

Model Our Price
Partner Couples Vibrator $49.99
Partner Plus $69.99
Lover's Dream $139.99
We-Vibe Classic $149.00
We-Vibe 4 Plus $179.00
Sync Couples Vibrator from We-Vibe $199.50