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Male Sexual Health

Let's be honest - sexual health is not on most people's radar, particularly men. What we do know of male sexual health is generally limited to commercials for Cialis™ or Viagra™. Research shows however that there is a correlation between sexual pleasure and healthy living.

Recent studies indicate that frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. Who knew?

We have curated a group of products aimed at the following main categories of male sexual health and concern:

  1. Masturbatory Pleasure ("jerking off")
  2. Pelvic or Kegel Exerciser
  3. Prostate Health
  4. Premature Ejaculation
  5. Penis Elongation

For each of these areas, we have identified premium manufacturers whose products target those regions on a man's body and deliver real results. Three of the manufacturers have their roots in medical research and development. As with Viagra™, their benefits for male sexual health were happy coincidences stemming from medical studies.

  • Male Edge started as research by two surgeons in Denmark looking to develop products for urological post-op recovery.
  • Aneros originated as a medical device for men recovering from prostate surgery.
  • Hot Octopuss is based on technology used to treat erectile dysfunction in men suffering from Spinal Cord Injury.

All of these products originate from legitimate medical research aimed at and which succeeded in addressing real male health issues.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Technology