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Wicked Sensual Lubes

Review by Charyn Pfeuffer

Charyn PfeufferThis month, we are delighted to offer reviews from one of our favorite columnists and our friend, Charyn Pfeuffer, Charyn's job is to sample great food, travel to interesting locations, try new things (in and out of the bedroom) and then write all about it. In a word, we are jealous. You can find her online and in print - The Washington Post, Thrillist, Playboy.com and Wired to name a few. She recently penned a terrific piece for the Globe & Mail about the reality of BDSM versus what we see in Fifty Shades.


There's a huge stigma surrounding lube and women. Some women are naturally slick, and that's great. But if you're on the drier side, there are solutions. If you haven't found a lube that feels good, you haven't found the right one. My recommendation: Wicked Sensual Care Ultra Silicone Lube.

The wetter I am, the more I enjoy sexual pleasure – whether I’m playing solo or with a partner. This lube is lightweight, silky and definitely not too sticky, like many lubes on the market. Use it for anal or vaginal play – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For a sweet treat, try Wicked Sensual Care Salted Caramel Lube. Same great product, but with a delightful, slightly sweet taste. Besides, who doesn't like salted caramel, especially on sexy fleshy bits?! This line is a bedside sex must-have.


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Charyn is a print and digital writer, editor and strategist, specializing in food, travel, lifestyle and sex-positive topics.
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