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Wicked Sensual Care Jelle Water Based Anal Lubricant, Unscented

Review by Bubbles
It is probably important to note that I am new to the world of sex toys. Therefore, my perspective may not be the best to consider when deciding which lubricant to purchase. This is only the 3rd lube I have tried, so my ability to make an educated assessment is quite limited. However, with that being said, I did try out the Wicked Anal Jelle, and for me, it did the trick. 
This clear gel squeezes out into a thick blob. It isn't runny, making it easy to manipulate. You can trust that it is going to stay wherever you put it and leaves the surface feeling slick. It doesn't seem to have an odor of any kind, even right up close to your face and is easy to wash off with warm water.
Anal is new for me and I haven't yet advanced to anal sex. Instead, I used this lube with beads as well as an anal vibrator. As a newbie, I wanted a safe experience without the worry of tearing skin or anything internally. I added some to my toys, as well as in and around my anus and the toys slipped in nicely and free of pain. This thick formula stayed just where I needed it to and was a comfortable barrier for safe play. Specifically, this lube is designed for anal play but I found it to be versatile enough to use vaginally.
The product boasts being long-lasting, but for longer sessions, I found myself reaching for the tube again to reapply as it became dry. Starting with a more generous amount can help combat this. Of course, my masturbation sessions tend to be long, so this might not be an issue for the average person and my inexperience with other lubes leaves me wondering if stays wet longer. 
When spread thin and exposed to air it can become a bit sticky, but not by much. I don't recommend adding saliva when this happens, because that seems to dry it out faster, rather than re-hydrate it. In fact, I played with in on my fingers and as it started to thin out when moving it around, I spit on it just to see what would happen. It at first became wet, but then dried up very quickly as though I had washed it off my fingers. Not the desired effect. So, just squeeze more out if you need it.

Aside from not being as long-lasting as I needed, I didn't find this to be a big deterrent and this lube was just right for use with my anal toys. 


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Bubbles is a twenty something customer service representative, living alone with her small dog in a new apartment. This fashion and arts lover is sex toy novice looking to broaden her creative prowess through sexual experimentation.

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