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Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant, Candy Apple

“Wicked Flavored Lubricant, yet another reason for my mouth to water whenever I see Candy Apples"

By Amanda Sovago-Royal, DirtyMilfNextDoor

Foreplay is everything when it comes to sexual arousal and my desire to fully progress to sexual intercourse and based on my research I can confidently argue that the same feelings ring true for most. Although the most common foreplay act happens to be performing oral sex (either giving, receiving, or both), admittedly I’ve never possessed a lustful appetite for it. Recently I discovered Wicked’s Flavored Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant and it's certainly increased my desire to satisfy orally in unanticipated ways.

Don’t tell my husband but truthfully, before experimenting with Wicked’s Candy Apple Flavored Lubricant I secretly hated performing oral sex for many reasons. I hated the “fleshy” aftertaste from having a penis inside my mouth, I’d get terrible dry-mouth halfway through, and personally speaking, hocking spit loogies (as seen in pornos) onto my man’s member while struggling to jerk him off with my hands isn’t at all appealing to me. Then there’s the feelings of defeat to deal with if he doesn’t climax. “No thanks,” I thought..Until Wicked’s Candy Apple Flavored Lubricant arrived on my doorstep and seeing that it was flavored made me feel incredibly eager to give oral sex another try.

First and foremost the “fleshy” aftertaste I dreaded so much was completely eliminated. Completely! The Candy Apple flavor was true-tasting, with no super sweet artificial aftertaste from the flavoring itself and the flavors offered are vast. So far I’ve tried the Salted Caramel & Candy Apple flavors (Salted Caramel being my favorite thus far) but future selections to choose from include Cherry Cordial, Cinnamon Bun, Mocha Java, Pomegranate, and Vanilla Bean. Wicked Sensual Care has also developed creative ways of combining different flavors to create entirely new ones (ex: Salted Caramel + Candy Apple = Salted Caramel Candy Apple or Mocha Java + Vanilla Bean = Vanilla Latte), a huge win for the giver’s taste buds!

I also found this lubricant to be silky smooth in texture as manual stimulation during foreplay was much more fluid in motion than usual and a little went a long way as its extremely long lasting. Once we moved passed foreplay we were able to jump right into intercourse as Wicked can be used for both oral pleasure and penetration. Their entire flavored collection is water-based so there’s no sticky residue to wipe from your sheets or staining to worry about and should things get extra slippery the lubricant cleans away easily with water. Wicked’s formula makeup is latex condom compatible, sex toy friendly, Paraben-free, Vegan, and developed without animal by products or testing which is a great testament to its gentleness on the skin surface.

Overall my greatest takeaway from experimenting with Wicked’s Flavored Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant was that it gave both my husband and I mutual pleasure simultaneously, him pleasure for obvious reasons, but more importantly equal pleasure for me as the giver of an act that previously disliked and regularly avoided. That feeling is everything as partner wanting to please your lover. Thank you Wicked Sensual Care!

For more hands-on product preview of Wicked’s Candy Apple Flavored Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant visit my YouTube channel, DirtyMilfNextDoor.

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