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Svakom’s Mini Emma Wand

Review by Bubbles

Svakom’s Mini Emma has a simple and sleek design. I like to think of her as being shaped like a lady, with the handle being her body and the rounded end, much like a ball, being her head. Emma is silky smooth and the packaging is as high quality as the vibrator itself. You feel like you’re opening up a new Apple product. She comes with a fabric storage pouch and USB charging cable.  She has 5 vibration settings, each with 5 intensities, plus a setting called S mode that cycles through the vibration patterns and intensities.

Svakom Mini Emma Wand in Box

I immediately started pushing the buttons when I got it out of the box. I didn’t expect it to come pre-charged, but next thing you know I had it turned on and it was ready to go. So of course I was excitedly impatient and had to use her right then, instructions be damned. I really didn’t know how the dials worked, but since I had managed to get it turned on and wanted to get started, I went ahead button mashing to see what would happen. Somehow I had turned on what seemed like a demo of vibrations. I later learned this was S mode after reading the manual. I was suddenly entranced by the different sensations as it went from low murmurs to heavy pulses at unexpected intervals. Not knowing what type of pattern would come next was thrilling.

Svakom Mini Emma Wand PlumThis little gal really packs a punch for her small size, or at least I seem to think so. This is only my second vibrator (my first being a bullet style with textured sleeves) and I’m quite happy with it. The heaviest vibration was much stronger than my bullet vibrator and it isn’t loud at all.  
I personally didn’t like using the wand for insertion. I could fully insert Emma, but the wand just wasn’t long enough for gripping onto while thrusting, at least not easily. Although, I will say, Emma’s neck flexes back and forth a bit so it makes it easy to get the G-spot if you really want to use her this way. I was happy to just use her for outer play.

When I finished, I needed to figure out how to turn it off, which was not obvious. There are 3 buttons. Holding the center button down for 2 seconds turns Emma on or off. Clicking the center button once, while on, throws Emma into S mode at any time.  Then there are up and down arrows to either side of the center button, which allow you to cycle through the patterns and intensity settings depending on if you double or single click. I recommend taking a few minutes to read the instructions while trying out the dials. It takes a minute to figure out, but it isn’t too complicated once you try it.

As far as battery life, with an hour and a half of charging you get 2 hours of play. I assume this is standard for a USB style vibe, though my guess is as good as any since it is my first one. Although I have had my bullet vibrator for a few months now and still have not needed to replace the batteries, which is preferable, I feel as though I still got plenty of time out of Emma before she died.

So here is a fun thing to try. If you are anything like me you will love that Emma is waterproof. There’s nothing better than pouring a hot bath with a bath bomb and relaxing with a mask and a good book. Well of course I swapped out the book for Emma this time. She works just as perfectly underwater. I’m sure I’m not teaching anyone new tricks here but keeping my lips above the water for a while and then slowing sinking down into the warm water while using her created a great sensation. The temperature difference from the cool air, going into the warmth of the water, coupled with Emma sent me to the edge and I totally recommend trying it.

I really enjoyed Emma. This is definitely a great toy to get as a novice and it has me wanting to check out more products from Svakom because I am sure they would not disappoint.

Check out the Svakom Mini Emma Wand for yourself or your partner.


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Bubbles is a twenty something customer service representative, living alone with her small dog in a new apartment. This fashion and arts lover is sex toy novice looking to broaden her creative prowess through sexual experimentation.

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