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SVAKOM Camera Vibe Siime LED Lighted Multi-Speed Wand Massager

Review by Charyn Pfeuffer

Charyn PfeufferThis month, we are delighted to offer reviews from one of our favorite columnists and our friend, Charyn Pfeuffer, Charyn's job is to sample great food, travel to interesting locations, try new things (in and out of the bedroom) and then write all about it. In a word, we are jealous. You can find her online and in print - The Washington Post, Thrillist, Playboy.com and Wired to name a few. She recently penned a terrific piece for the Globe & Mail about the reality of BDSM versus what we see in Fifty Shades.


The first product Charyn tried is among the most unique we carry - Siime Eye vibrator from Svakom.


On paper, my inner science-loving self was intrigued by this vibrator. In practice, it was way too out there for me to enjoy. That said, I’m sure there’s an audience that will love this massager. I’m just not that woman.

It’s basically a sleek vibe with a built-in Wi-Fi activated camera. I’ve had one too many colonoscopies with the post-play option to take digital evidence of the internal adventure home. Before playing with this toy, I knew there was nothing all that erotic about the inner workings of my sphincter. I can safely echo those sentiments for my vagina.

The toy itself features five vibration modes, plus multiple levels of intensity, creating more than two dozen options for stimulation.

Svakom Siime Eye

Here’s where things get weird. The tip of the  touts LED lights and a camera that can capture photos or video of your private parts, like when you’re orgasming. It sounds sexy, but there’s something super-creepy about seeing your pussy walls quake on your smart phone (or tablet or computer) during that OMG moment of climax. TRUST ME, I wanted to like it, but it was way too clinical and not in that Let’s Play Naughty Nurse and Patient fantasy kind of way. If my partner wants to see my private parts that up close and personal, I suggest they stick they’re face in there and skip the tech. My two cents.

Moving right along…It is made from a body-safe silicone material and is totally waterproof. As far as vibes go, it DOES have strong vibration and pulsation capabilities. Also, it charges via a USB cord, so there’s no need for pesky batteries. If size is of importance, it measures 6.5-inch total length and 1 inch maximum diameter, which is a perfect size to enhance pleasure and stimulate the clitoris and G-spot.

Svakom Siime Eye - Camera

This may not be my ideal toy, but if you’re looking for something totally unique, it may be yours. If anything, it should add some giggles and spice to your usual sexual routine. 

Get ready for your close up. 

See the Siime Eye vibrator from Svakom for yourself.


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Charyn is a print and digital writer, editor and strategist, specializing in food, travel, lifestyle and sex-positive topics.
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