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Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System

Review by Daria

Our newest reviewer, Daria, shares her thoughts on a great product for those interested in light bondage play, Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Ignore the cheesy packaging!  This is a relatively inexpensive and well-made bondage kit that is perfect for BDSM beginners.   Imagine being immobilized on a bed, stretched out, open to the world, while your partner does wonderful and/or unspeakable but consensual things to you…   Tickling.  Caressing. Fondling.  Stimulating.  All of that, and likely more if your partner has some imagination. 

The straps slide under the mattress and the weight and friction from the mattress combined with the tension in the tethers keep the tethers from moving a significant amount.  The cuffs fasten via Velcro but are padded and very comfortable.  I was dubious when I bought it (largely because of the packaging), but it works really well. 

My partner and I have used it on each other many times; it holds quite firmly even if you squirm (ahem) really, really hard.  The cuffs are high quality, and the nylon tethers are easy to tighten to the point of immobility.   I achieved my most memorable and pleasurable orgasm while strapped to a bed with this restraint system; I literally could not stop laughing/giggling/trembling for several minutes, even after my partner stopped the stimulation.

I have a king-size bed, and the kit even fits this.  In addition, it’s easy to tuck the straps out of sight under the mattress when not in use.  No bolts or hardware are needed.

With large beds, the straps can be arranged either up-down on the bed (like standing on your tippy toes, reaching for the stars) or across the bed (think spread-eagled).  Remember, turnabout is fair play, so whatever your partner does to you can be returned with interest when you swap positions.

Definitely recommended!

5/5 stars

Check out the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System for yourself!


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