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Sir Richard's Ultra Thin Condoms

Review by Bubbles

We learned about Sir Richard's Condoms earlier this year and were immediately struck by their corporate sense of giving. We are proud to carry this brand which gives back to its community. We got a sample of some of their products a couple of months ago and handed them over to our twenty-something reviewer Bubbles. See what she had to say.


I had never thought about buying anything other than drug store condoms before Sir Richard's. As far as condoms go, I'm familiar with few brands, mostly Trojan, Lifestyles and Durex. Although my partner has complained of Durex being small, I've never found that the difference in types of condoms to matter much to me. That being said, I actually found Sir Richard's condoms to be quite nice.

They are definitely very thin as advertised and they are also well lubricated. The lubrication doesn't dry out all and stays slick from the beginning to end of your session. The condom itself fit well on my guy. It didn't bunch at the bottom or wear out at all, which I notice Trojan's can do.

I know this is weird to say but, the reservoir at the tip isn't as funny looking as other condoms. It isn't that weird nipple-y shape if you know what I mean. Just a little nub which doesn't look as silly, if that's possible.

This is a quality condom and with how thin and slick it is, I could actually tell a difference in it offering greater sensitivity and I favor it over the other condoms I'm used to.

Lastly, the coolest thing about Sir Richard's condoms is that for every condom you buy, they will give a condom to a community that needs them, so safe sex for you means safe sex for others. What a cool way to make the world a happier and safer place. 

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Bubbles is a twenty something customer service representative, living alone with her small dog in a new apartment. This fashion and arts lover is sex toy novice looking to broaden her creative prowess through sexual experimentation.

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