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Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

Review by Daria

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is constructed of a combination of plastic and soft silicone.  Measuring approximately 2½” wide, 4⅜” long, and 2” deep, the toy is roughly the size of a computer mouse (more on this later), is ergonomic in shape, and fits neatly into the palm of your hand. 

The Satisfyer is advertised as being waterproof, and I confirmed that it was, both during cleaning in the sink with soap and water, and in the bathtub.  I probably wouldn’t try it while scuba diving, but for normal baths and cleaning, it is watertight -- a feature that is always greatly appreciated.

Recharging is easy: simply attach the USB cord to the magnetic terminals at the back end of the toy.  The cord snaps to the correct orientation on the terminals, and you are ready to connect it to a standard USB plug-in cube.

The sensations from the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe are unique -- a pulsing pressure wave from the air (or water) in its head.  It helps to be lubed up or submerged when using this, because a good seal is needed to properly transmit the pressure waves.  If you don’t have a good seal, the pressure build-up cannot occur.

The Satisfyer has 11 different intensities (not programs).  I found that the lower intensities were my favorite.  Above four or five, and the sensations start to blend together because they are so fast.  The lower intensities can be felt more individually.  The toy operates with a very low hum at the lowest intensities, but becomes a louder buzz at the high intensities.  I found that the sound was somewhat less noticeable when used in the bathtub, and I found that the sensations were slightly more intense when applied in water.

As I prefer to have simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation, I paired the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe with one of my favorite dildos.  The sensations of pressure waves on my clitoris combined with the sensation of being penetrated left me quivering with pleasure. 

Satisfyer Pro DeluxeNow, regarding the shape of the toy…  I recently included the Satisfyer in my carry-on luggage for an airplane flight.  My suitcase got flagged by the TSA agent running the X-ray machine.  When it was my turn to have my luggage searched, the security agent who conducted the inspection squinted at the X-ray image and asked if I had a computer mouse in my suitcase.  I laughed and explained that it was a sex toy.  “Oh,” he said, and then asked if I preferred to have my suitcase inspected in private, which is an option if the contents are legal but potentially embarrassing.  I told him no, that I didn’t need a private inspection area.   He squinted at the image some more, and then said “Oh, I bet I know why she flagged this for inspection.  With the charging terminals, it looks kind of like a taser.”  I laughed again and said that it was definitely not a taser.  He pulled it out of the box, examined it briefly, and then put it back, and I was allowed to go on my way.  I have been stopped by the TSA before for having toys in my carry-on, so this interaction didn’t faze me, but if you might be embarrassed by a TSA agent examining your sex toys, this is one that you might want to put in your checked luggage!

Overall, I give the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe three and a half stars out of five (3½ out of 5).  I have no complaints at all regarding this toy, but I personally prefer toys that provide both external and internal stimulation.  I think this toy would be perfect for those individuals who prefer direct clitoral stimulation and do not need penetration to orgasm.

In future iterations of this toy, it would be nice to be able to control it via a Bluetooth app on my smart phone and be able to vary the intensity and pressure remotely.  I would also like to have it develop a little suction and then vary the amount of suction as opposed to having a baseline of zero suction.  I was given this toy to review, but if I were to purchase one on my own, I would probably order the Satisfyer Pro 2 (Read Raquel Roper's review of this), which is a little more expensive, but appears to have a larger pressure-transmitting head and a narrower body.  The pressure-transmitting head is also closer to the “top” end of the Satisfyer Pro 2, which means that it should be easier to encircle and encompass your clitoris. 

Check out the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe for yourself.


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About Daria: I am an engineer who also happens to be a lesbian. Oh, and I like sex. Duh.

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