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Satisfyer Layons White Temptation Massager

Review by Abundance

We are thrilled to introduce our newest reviewer, Abundance. She is a terrific find for us. She is a remarkably sexually self-aware and open about what she enjoys. Enjoy her first review here.


To start with this vibrator has nice packaging with dimensions of the vibrator and a picture of it on the outside of the box. It’s not shaped like a typical vibrator since it’s a “layon” so it’s nice to know what your getting. It has a flatter shape and is about 3.6 inches long by just under 2 inches wide at the “play” end. It’s also rechargeable with a magnetic connector-usb cord and mine was nearly fully charged right out of the package. It does come with instructions for use and care, and is water proof when it’s not plugged in. It’s made of soft silicone for comfort and easy cleaning. There are two soft touch buttons of + and - that turn it on and go though the 15 different vibration patterns. It’s a nice looking toy that would be good to travel with and it’s not phallic looking if you’re worried about it being found in your things by the wrong person. It would be really nice if it came with a velvet pouch or something to carry it in.

This vibrator seems mainly suited to be used with a partner, at least that’s what I wanted it for as I like clitoral stimulation, especially from a vibrator, while my man is penetrating me. It’s shaped with a hole to allow you to hold it in place with a finger and the vibrator is flat shaped to accommodate laying between partners.

The silicone covering has a soft skin-like feeling and the whole vibrator seems very high quality. It has decent vibrating power but even though there are 15 different patterns there’s no adjusting intensity. I was very excited about trying this new (to me) shape of vibrator as I thought it would be really perfect for what I like.

Unfortunately since it is flat and about two inches wide I had difficulty getting good clitoral stimulation as it was also resting on my labia. I tried using the edge to direct the vibration more on my clitoris but then it was not comfortable between us. I’m pretty thin so it’s not like I have “fat” labia but

I could not get good clitoral stimulation with the shape of this vibrator. I ended up giving up on White Temptation and getting out my old vibrator to orgasm. If there was some mild contour on the top of this vibrator it may help, but as it is this vibrator does not work for me. If you like stimulation across your whole mons you may really like this vibrator.

When the vibrator was between us my fiancé seemed to be enjoying it more than I did so I started moving it around on him. He really liked the sensation of the vibrator on his perineum, the flat shape of it probably helped. I probably won’t be using on myself again as the shape didn’t work for me, but I may use it on my man if he plays his cards right.😋

Abundance is a 54-year-old female currently in a monogamous relationship with her fiancé of 11 years who enjoy incorporating vibrators and dildos into their sex play. She also enjoys masturbating with toys when her partner is not available.

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