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Satisfyer 2

Review by Meeshy

I was impressed by the look of the packaging of, the Satisfyer 2. Before you even open the box, you know what you are getting because they list all the features, such as the different modes, the fact that it is waterproof, the material it is made of, that it has 11 different functions and that you need 2-AAA batteries all on the side of this classy White, discreet and non-offensive box with an image of the new design on it.

 Inside, the Satisfyer 2 sits in a clam shell with a set of instructions that comes in the form of a small manual covering everything you would want to know about a toy you are about to use on your clitoris.  I have to say though, I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t come with 2-AAA batteries and I found myself searching my house for a pair . When I was unable to find them, it made me want to turn to the Satisfyer that came with the USB charge out of convenience.

The first thing I noticed about the Satisfyer 2 was that the design is completely different then the Satisfyer 1.  The handle is longer and narrows towards the bottom and the part that suctions is larger and has a hard shell around the soft silicone ring with a deeper opening.  Also, there is no USB charger, you use 2-AAA batteries which eliminates any wait time before you can use it. Another difference is The Satisfyer 2 is waterproof so for those of you who like to masturbate in the shower or bath, this toy is PERFECT!

Now to the fun part…using it!!! I was excited to try this because I have used the Womanizer and original Satisfyer and loved them, so I wanted to see what, if any differences there were.  Within the first 15 seconds I was able to accomplish 2 orgasms and still hadn’t had enough!  As I kept going, I found myself needing to increase the power almost to its full speed.  With the Womanizer and Satisfyer I did not have to do that.  I’m not sure if it’s the toy itself or because I have because I have become desensitized to it from over usage.  Either way, it still did the job it was supposed to do!

It says on the box that there is a whisper mode.  When turning it on the lowest mode, it hardly whispers…if fact, it was quite loud.  I did notice however, the higher the power, the quieter it got. 

All in all, I do love the concept of the Satisfyer and it will always be my go to toy.  Easy Clean up and It is in fact the ONLY toy that has helped me consistently achieve multiple orgasms in a short amount of time!


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I am a woman in my prime always looking for new ways to keep my sex life exciting. I have tried many toys and have yet to find one that compares to being with a partner, I am always looking for a toy that would work solo and with a partner as well.

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