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Ruby Glow from Rocks Off

Review by Allie Eve Knox


We are delighted to feature reviews by Allie Eve Knox on a couple of terrific items which we are offering, particularly for our clients who have limited hand mobility issues. The first item is the Ruby Glow from Rocks Off. This is a fantastic hands-free stimulator that you can place on a chair or bench for easy use. But as you will see in this review, you can also use it in a more conventional fashion.


I have never come across a product like the Ruby Glow before. This toy is a really pretty ruby color. It has a super smooth texture and feels very nice on the skin. It is designed to be sat down upon and can be used hands free. It says it can be worn under clothes, but it seems a little too big and would certainly be seen if worn. It is battery powered and not rechargeable (comes with batteries.) This toy is also relatively quiet compared to other vibrators.
I have used this toy a few times, but not as it was designed, to be hands free. I held it like a traditional vibrator. This is designed to be sat on and could be used without hands. The control button could easily be pushed by rubbing against.  
Although the material is super soft and velvety, there are hard parts of this device and would be a bit uncomfortable. It didn't seem to fit my body shape so I had to keep moving to keep it comfortable. There are two different mounts on this device that you can move your body against. I sat down on the valley and moved my body against the two mounts.
  • The velvety texture is actually really nice and soft. 
  • It has 10 different modes, some of which are pretty strong. 
  • It is pretty big and is stable enough to actually sit down on. 
  • It could easily be used without having to hold. 
  • It didn't really fit my body well and I have to keep moving to make it fit comfortably. 

Check out the Ruby Glow for yourself!


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Allie Eve Knox is a self-described Camgirl, Glamour model, Gypsy pornographer, Loser slayer.
You can follow her on Twitter @allieeveknox

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