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Lisey Sweet Reviews OVO S1 and S4 Lay On Vibrators

We recently added OVO to our catalog and put some of their products into the hands of our friends. Lisey Sweet put several of their products through their paces including the S1 and S4 Lay On Vibrators..


Review by Lisey Sweet

At first upon looking at both of these toys I was a little thrown off on how the toys should be used. They do not resemble other types of toys and the inserts give no hint as to how the toys are intended to be used, so I just used my imagination and masturbated as much as possible!

Both toys were described online as a “lay-on” style vibe, but I figured out that both toys could be used in couples play as well as solo play; either combined with finger or toy penetration, alone as a clitoral stimulator, or as a “lay-on” toy. As a “lay-on” toy, it works best to put the toys flush with your clitoris (in your panties to secure it in place seems to work nicely), with a pillow wedged between your legs. I actually sat on a pillow with this in my panties while answering emails and it got me going pretty quickly.


Ovo S1 Lay On VibratorThis toy is about the size of an egg cut in half and aesthetically, is a very gorgeous toy. I have the black toy with the gold details. My first impression after taking it from the packaging was that it was like a silicone “cockroach” with a flexible tail. To turn the toy on, you hold in the + button and it immediately fires up with a surprisingly strong vibration that increases one level up with an extra press of the + button. The tail flicks with a soft, flexible speed with different patterns and options as you move through the patterns using the simple +/- button.



This toy packs a lot of punch for its size and is multi-functional. The shape is perfectly suited to be nuzzled on my labia while the tail gently flicks my clitoris. It is also fun to use during couples play as a bullet style vibe or to tease the nipples of any willing participant.
I really like this toy. It exceeded my expectations. Although daunting at first on how to use the toy, just throw away everything you know about sex toys and go exploring with this fun vibe!

S4 "The Millennium Falcon"

OVo S4 Lay On VibratorUpon opening this package, I laughed thinking it reminded me of the Millennium Falcon from "Star Wars". The toy is smooth with a nice silicone material and the “wings” are flexible to some degree, allowing you to move them around or use them in a pinching fashion. The packaging says that each wing has its own motor which is obvious as soon as you turn on the toy. This toy packs an impressive vibe for its size and increases one more level when you press the + button.

This toy was a little daunting at first as I tried to figure out how it was intended to be used but decided to just jump in and put it wherever and however felt good. During couples play, it gave me a mind-blowing orgasm while I was being penetrated. I used the S4 as a “pinching” device for my clit. My partner enjoyed me wedging different parts of his manhood between the wings and adjusting to feel the patterns of vibration.

Ovo S4 Lay On Vibrator




As a solo toy, it is wonderful to use again as a pinching device either alone or paired with another penetrative toy. I tried to insert the toy almost like a We-Vibe but the shape did not suit this type of functionality.

This toy will give you and your partner goosebumps as you discover all the different and fun ways this uniquely designed toy has to offer. It is no small feat to make me cum, but the S4 showed up to the party and delivered with fireworks. 7/5 stars.


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