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Pulse III from Hot Octopuss

Review by Sir Duke

I really do not have much experience with using sex toys. As a guy, most sex toys are designed primarily for women. To be honest, when I received the Pulse III Duo "Guybrator" from Hot Octopuss, I was intrigued but still had my doubts.

I had tried out a couple of masturbation products previously including a Tenga Egg (which was quite enjoyable) as well as several cock rings but had not tried a vibrating masturbator. 

First, the packaging is quite appealing. It is sophisticated and classy. It comes with a storage bag and my personal favorite, a magnetic recharging cord. The magnetic recharging contacts make cleanup much easier.

Pulse III Box Pulse III Dup Cord

The directions indicate that the Pulse III can be used both dry and also with lubricant. As this was my first time, I did not want to run the risk of chaffing. I settled into my hotel bed and grabbed a bottle of water-based lubricant and applied a few drops to the interior of the sleeve. As a man in his forties who deals with extra pounds, and diabetes, getting a healthy erection can be a challenge. I was quite delighted to discover that the pulse sensations on the underside of my frenulum (tip of my penis) caused a distinctive stirring along the shaft.

There's always time for lubricant    Pulse III Due Usage

I also discovered that if I rested the device at the base of my penis, the tremors resonated through my pelvic bone. I only had it on the lowest setting and the sensations were amazing! The vibrations traveled throughout not just the shaft but also through my entire genital area. It was terrific!

I had been concerned that the wings might not accommodate my width or snag but that wasn't a problem at all. The lubricant began to spread as I stroked up and down. Between the increasing lubricity and continuous vibrating sensation the experience was very different from my usual quick shot method which is not nearly as enjoyable. In addition, I found the experience to make me last longer as well.

My orgasm was more intense than I had felt ever before from pleasing myself alone. It was a tremendous release of tensions. Cleanup was easy and quick.  Not to be too blunt, but the sleeve actually contained some of the mess. 

I have used this on several occasions since (Hell, I used it three more times before my trip was over). This has changed my perception of what self-pleasure can be. This product can change your mind and way in which you spend time with yourself.



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Sir Duke is a husband, father and small business owner in his forties. As a busy dad he tries to make the most of the limited time he gets to himself and with his wife.

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