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Perfect Stroke Replacement Ass

Review by Lance Hart

I used this toy one time.  I did feel amazing, and I was able to edge myself (stay on the edge of cumming) many times over.  The packaging of the product is very nice.  It definitely felt like I received a premium sex toy when I opened the box.  I used silicon lube with it, which you really are not supposed to do with silicon toys, but I really like silicon lube and it was what I had on my desk at the moment.

I fuck a lot of butts, and this feels better than a real butt.  Normally with a real butt there is only sensation and real friction at the butthole.  The rest is sort of a mental thing.  This toy feels great all the way in.  It’s kind of irrelevant that it’s supposed to be a butthole… but I’m just saying it feels great.There’s no way around it, clean up sucks with these kinds of things. 

That’s why I only used it once.  If you have a situation where cleaning sex toys is no problem for you, then I would really suggest using this toy.  If you feel like you may suddenly regret blowing a load all inside a sex toy and then having lubing hands and general mess to clean up when you really just want to take a nap, then I would say skip it.  

Check out this product for yourself. 


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