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Palm Power Massager Rechargeable from BMS

by Ryan Riesling

This month we are proud to have a new friend Support our site - Ms. Ryan Riseling. Ryan is an up and coming adult performer who is winning awards in the industry. She brings not only experience with products but a clear and thorough insight to their use. We are so proud to have her support. 

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This handheld, sleek wand vibe definitely packs a punch! Don’t let the convenient cordless and portable Palm Power’s size fool you: these vibrations are great! Ranging from a gentle thumping to intense, high­speed waves ­­ you will not go unsatisfied. Material: Head is 100% silicone, and other heads are available for purchase sold separately. 

Ease of Use: I was pleasantly surprised with the one touch incremental speed control ­­ just hold down the power button, and the vibrations will increase. The small light at the bottom will blink faster and faster as the intensity rises. If you are a beginner at wand vibrators, I would suggest layering a sheet or towel between you and the Palm Power Massager, as the vibrations could be overwhelming directly on the clitoris.










This doesn’t have to be a clitoris only toy! Try it over your nipples, or tease a partner between their thighs and other favorite erogenous zones on the lower speeds. You could even spice up a blow job by lightly tickling the testicles or perineum with this wand (remember: always communicate and work slowly while introducing new techniques in the bedroom). To turn off, simply press the power button a final time

Power: This is a rechargeable vibrator, meaning you have total freedom to use the cordless vibe wherever when it is fully charged! To charge, simply plug in the USB cord and pop the tip into the bottom of the handle.

Overall Thoughts: I love this wand! It’s a great for travel, and would be perfect for beginners and partners. The cordless feature is definitely a key selling point of this product, and I noticed the PalmPower Massager stays charged for a long time (~12, 10 minute uses). While not 100% silent, it is on the quieter side of wand vibrators, and the noise can easily be muffled by blankets, a fan, or light music. The price is right for this convenient, high­powered wand at $74.38

Suggestions: The only options to control speed are increasing it while holding down the power button, so the ability to perhaps to decrease the speed would make it a perfect 5/5 stars. For that I will give it a 4.5/5.0.

I would suggest this product for: wand vibe beginners, couples, a gift for a partner, and anyone who is horny and on the go!

Check out the Palm Power Wand from BMS for yourself.

Remember to use discount code RYANREVIEWS for 10% off your purchase from our store.


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Ryan Riesling is an up and coming porn performer who loves to review and promote awesome sex toys. The 24 year old is a North Carolina native, who enjoys cooking, bird watching, gaming, and going to the gym when she is not in Los Angeles creating new content with porn production companies.

Say hello to her via Twitter: @RyanRiesling

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