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Nu Sensuelle Curve

Review by ShiverGabby

The Nu Sensuelle Curve is a sex toy that caught my attention from it’s very arrogant description. The Nu collection brags about having the strongest vibrators in their category- and being a power queen, I was dying to try one to see if these toys could live up to their highly set expectations. 

I was sent the Nu Sensuelle Curve by a sex toy store known as More Than Sex Toys, a shop mainly focused on body-safe article and sexual wellness. Their website offers affordable sex toys in some well known brands, a very easy to navigate interface and an overall simple, cute design. More Than Sex Toys is very sex-positive and aware of what they are selling, have a very responsive customer service team and will send all of their items in very discreet packages.

The Curve is a small, pocket size vibrator. Marketed as insertable AND external, I personally use it for clitoral stimulation only. It is about 5 inches long, curved for g spot stimulation and covered in 100% body-safe silicone. It has 20 different functions- which are totally useless in my case, and a very cute blue light display at the bottom. It comes in pink or purple- I have the pink one. It’s a fancy looking little thing. The silicone is completely seamless, extremely soft to the touch and has no grip at all. The toy has no flexibility and is very hard. The battery life is very good- the Curve can last 2 or 3 sessions without necessitating a charge.

The control- being one push button for 20 different functions, is pretty damn shitty. You can turn off the toy by holding the button for a second or so- and everything else works the same way. If you accidentally hit the button because you’re pretty damn sure it can go one notch stronger and fall into the function section, you need to press the button 19 times to go back to the vibration setting you had picked. That can kill a mood easily. The toy is pretty loud. Louder than the Tango and louder than my Bodywand. I don’t think we can hear it through a closed door though.

The toy seems to have no physical flaw, has no smell, nothing weird about it and it actually pleasing to look at and pretty discreet with it’s abstract design. Trying it out I soon realized it was a perfect beginner toy, and that it could actually satisfy even experienced users like me. It’s strong- not we-vibe tango strong, but actually above decent. It impressed me truly when I switched it on, and even more when I put it to use.

Gabby holding Nu Sensuelle CurveThe Nu Sensuelle Curve earned it’s place into my top ten as soon as it touched my clitoris. It has some good vibration power, and they’re definitely into the rumbly spectrum. It had me in bliss in less than a minute and I could easily achieve a clitoral orgasm with it on the highest setting. But the Curve is far from a good g spot toy. Marketed as one, it’ll deceive most users, because honestly it is way too small and hard to grip to actually be a good thrusting toy, and the vibrations are far too weak to actually stimulate your g spot by themselves. Add lube and you’re basically fucked. The silicone the toy is made off is already not the most grip-able thing- lubing it up to try and use it as a g spot toy is a disaster. The toy being very short and small diameter wise, trying to hold it into your hand without it sliding out is pretty much impossible. But don’t get me wrong- I still love it, because even if it fails the job it is marketed for, it is amazing as a clitoral stimulator. Price wise though- it is very expensive for what it does. If you want a good clitoral stimulator in that price range, go for the Tango, not this one.

Overall the Nu Sensuelle Curve is a decent, actually pretty good toy to own and is perfect for beginners and experienced users. It is easy to clean, waterproof, good looking and body-safe. It will satisfy most people strength wise, and makes a very nice first toy, since it is far from intimidating and discreet. It’s only flaws is the fact it is definitely not a good g spot toy and that it’s price tag is ridiculously high for it’s league.

Do I recommend it? I guess I kind of do. It’s an above decent, cute toy that is actually fun to own, but I would not replace it if I was to break it, since I already own toys stronger and better into the same category/price range. But I wouldn’t throw it away either, since it’s the one I go to if my Tango runs out of battery. It’s like the close second,  the backup plan in sort. I like it, it’s practical!

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