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NU Sensuelle 15-Function Remote Control Pleasure Panty

Review by Meeshy

I absolutely love the packaging that the NU Sensuelle 15-Function Remote Control Pleasure Panty came in.  It’s a sturdy, yet classy box with decorative writing on it and a window in the front that shows all the components of the product so you know what you are getting.  On the back of the box there is a picture of the panties and a diagram that shows how the bullet is placed in the panties.

Pleasure Panty - PinkMy favorite is the pink ribbon on top of the box that you can use to hang the box and makes the packaging a bit more feminine.  The packaging is a 3-fold box with a clear window .Inside that displays the panties, a white satin case to carry all the pieces, 2 USB plug-in that can be charged from anywhere, the bullet, remote control, instructions and a pair of lace panties which tie on your hips giving them the perfect fit for any size woman. 

Once I plugged in the bullet and remote to charge, a blue light flashed until it was all charged up.  This charged really quickly and the light stopped flashing once it was Pleasure Panty - Pinkcharged up. While my remote and bullet were charging, I threw on the panties adjusting them to the perfect fit.  One thing I noticed was that the ties on the panties don’t have a firm hold because of the satin material.  They wouldn’t tie very tight and would loosen up on me.  Once I placed the bullet in, because the panties were loosening up, the bullet wasn’t sitting directly on my clitoris where is wanted it.  Any movement would move the panties out of place and I wasn’t getting a consistent vibration in one spot. 

Sitting still kept it in place, but any walking around or movement, I had to adjust them.  Because of this, I don’t think I could wear these out in public without make some alterations to the panties to keep them in place. One last thing about the fit of the panties and the bullet…the antenna sticks out a bit and I could feel it against me which made it  awkward.  A smaller antenna I believe would work better on this.

Pleasure Panty - PurpleNow to the actual sensation….the bullet has 4 speeds, which is more then enough for this kind of toy.   Once I was able to get it on my “spot”, it works quite well.  The remote was discreet and easy to use.  I don’t think anyone would know I had these on due to the quiet whisper of the bullet.  It took me a second to figure out what each button meant on the remote and to find which setting I liked best.  I had to play around with it a bit to find the perfect vibration setting for me, but once I did…it was on!!!!  

I would definitely use this again and recommend it to others to try.  I feel this is something you use with your partner to add some extra enticement in the beginning of the evening aka foreplay!

Check out the NU Sensuelle 15-Function Remote Control Pleasure Panty for yourself.


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I am a woman in my prime always looking for new ways to keep my sex life exciting. I have tried many toys and have yet to find one that compares to being with a partner, I am always looking for a toy that would work solo and with a partner as well.

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