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Nova from We-Vibe

Review by Meeshy

Nova by We-Vibe packagingThe first thing I noticed about the We-Vibe Nova was its chic packaging. It comes in a bright, but classy white and coral strong cardboard box to protect the contents with a silver satin ring on top making it easy to hang or carry around. Once I got past the lovely aesthetics of the outer box, the inside was equally if not more pleasing to the eye! The Nova is encased in a white, plush foam and contains satin storage bag, magnetic USB charger, and an instructional manual. The Nova charged up within an hour and had a remained charged for hours. I was super excited to try this new and improved rabbit…needless to say, the Nova did not let me down!

The Nova is a smooth and silky silicone making it comfortable to the touch. At first glance I didn’t think the Nova would be flexible and form to my body, but I was wrong! The Nova fit like a glove. The body doesn’t have too much girth and the clitoral stimulator is soft and flexible leaving just the right amount of pressure without overdoing it. The Nova is also quite powerful, but yet it’s quiet.

The most important feature to me was the fact that the Nova actually did hit my G-spot! I have tried many toys that claim to give you g-spot stimulation and they have all so far failed…Nova was the first toy to actually deliver what they promised, g-spot and clitoral pleasure!

There are a range of vibrations, patterns and speeds to cater to just about anyone. Another added bonus is the Nova is waterproof which makes it versatile in where you can use it and makes it very easy to clean.

As wonderful as I think the Nova is, there are a couple things I think could be improved upon, the buttons that control the speeds and different sensations. These buttons are not easy to manipulate while using the toy. I found myself having to stop and start again many times to find the button and the speed and sensation I was looking for. It wasn’t until I used the Nova many times that I could find the buttons without having to stop in the middle of use. Once I got that down…I found the Nova to be flawless!

Nova by We-Vibe features and flexibility

Also, although the Nova charges up quickly and it is easy to connect the charger, I found the magnetic charger didn’t want to stay on securely. I needed to place the Nova on a sturdy counter so the charger wouldn’t slip off. Typically when I am charging up a toy, I like to do it discreetly, but I had no way of doing this with the Nova.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Nova to someone looking for the “New and improved” Rabbit or to someone who is looking for that ultimate dual orgasm from one toy! The Nova is one of the most satisfying toys I have ever used.

Nova by We-Vibe vibrations


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