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Mimic Personal Massager

Review by Sir Duke and Lady Duke

Let's be honest - introducing a sex toy into an intimate moment can require almost superhuman tact. Don't get us wrong. Dildos, dongs, vibrators are all great additions to bedroom play. When you are starting out though sometimes you want something more discreet and less threatening. 

During a recent trip to Miami, we met with the team from Clandestine Devices who introduced us to the most visually stunning and elegant pleasure product we have ever seen - the Mimic. While others said it resembled a stingray, we noticed a hummingbird. Whatever animal one might see in this product, there is no denying its striking visual appeal. 

The packaging is sophisticated and attractive (see below). It conveys the thoughtfulness of the product's design as well as its sleek and discreet aesthetic.

Mimic Personal MassagerWe decided to break out the Mimic on a quiet Sunday morning before the day took over. As we have children, noise can be a factor in using any toys. The Mimic makes very little noise. Because it is lightweight and slim, it is very easy to handle. Simply place it between your fingers (see graphic) and apply to the desired area. It seems to contour most easily to a woman's labia while the vibrating element rests on the clitoris. This is of course not the only way to use it, but it is the first place we used it. 



Because of its slim design and silicone composition, the vibrations travel effectively through the device. We did not set it to high right away, not at all in fact. Lady Duke often orgasms quickly and is quite sensitive afterwards. As a result, she requires a lengthy recovery time before more fun. The great part about Mimic is that compared to more conventional vibrators, there is no pounding sensation but instead a subtle rumbling sensation. 

After our initial experience, Lady Duke commented "The nice thing is that you can use this for a while" thereby drawing out the build up to orgasm. Instead of one sudden wave, it is a much more gradual escalation of senses. This is particularly pleasant when you have more time for one another or even for yourself. While we used it together, it is easily enjoyed alone to enhance self-pleasure.

In addition to intuitively laying Mimic on the labia, you could easily cup a man's testicles with this. Cradling a man's balls on the device with the tip nuzzling the perineum (a.k.a. "the taint") can be foreplay unto itself or enhance oral sex as well.

The edges and tip allow for pinpoint stimulation of nipples, genitals, whatever you desire. This is where experimentation with the Mimic can really help you discover your most sensitive spots.  

As frequent business travelers, we also appreciate the travel lock feature. Because of its size the Mimic is also easy to pack for trips.

This is a terrific addition to any couple's bedroom. It is much less imposing than a vibrator or dildo. We recommend this for couples looking to spice up their intimacy, especially if they desire something more understated. This would make an ideal gift as well.


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Sir Duke is a husband, father and small business owner in his forties. As a busy dad he tries to make the most of the limited time he gets to himself and with his wife.

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