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Leo Vibe Kit from Vixen Review

Review by Daria

Leo is a very nice, well-executed dildo that comes with a bullet vibe that fits into the base.

The “ivory shimmer” or “platinum” silicone is quite beautiful, somewhat translucent with a marbleized iridescence that changes as the light hits it. The base itself is flared, which makes it perfect for strap-on fun. Leo is fairly long (about 7 inches), which allows for positions that require a bit longer reach. At 1 5/8 inches in diameter, this is at the upper end of what I can accommodate, so I definitely need to be in the mood for it. The shaft remains approximately the same diameter over its length and has a noticeable curve that fits my anatomy snugly.

The head of the Leo is pretty realistic but the shaft is more stylized and mostly smooth. Leo is weighty and has a pleasurably solid feel: soft and smooth to the touch, but relatively firm.

Bullet vibes in the bases of dildos don’t do a lot for me, so I tend to use it without the bullet. The bullet that comes with Leo is pretty powerful, but more on the upper end of vibrator frequency. The vibrations do travel up the shaft, and are fairly intense near the base, but diminish by the time they reach the tip. The cavity for the bullet is 2 ¾ inches deep, so you might be able to use a longer bullet that would vibrate Leo more uniformly.

I have no complaints at all. Really nice workmanship, and mine came in a plastic display cylinder, which is handy for storage and protects Leo when not in use...

I give Leo four out of five stars (4/5). Nicely done!


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