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Kendra Lust's Vagina

Review by Lance Hart

I’ve not had the pleasure of Kendra Lust’s actual vagina, so I can’t comment on a comparison, but this mold of her vagina feels amazing.  There are slight “nubs” on the inside that feel great.  The density of the silicon is extra giving.  I prefer to use it without the can thing that it came with so I can squeeze the silicon and make it feel tighter or looser.  This is a really nice sensation.  

My penis is about 6.5” and sticks out past the end of the toy.  This is actually a good thing, because it means I can cum into a paper towel or something instead of filling up the toy with cum and having a huge mess to clean up after.    When it comes to actually cleaning it, it’s easier than most toys of this kind.  I ran water through it for a while and it was pretty much good to go.    

It does look kind of weird on a shelf in my closet.  It looks like an alien thingy just sitting there.  That makes me not want to fuck it sometimes and just use my hand instead, but when I do decide to make it a special night, I’m always glad I did.


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