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ID Pleasure Tingling Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Review by Lance Hart

Lance HartWe are delighted to introduce our newest friend - PLAYGIRLS Spokesmodel and PervOut.com co-owner, Lance Hart. The first product which we provided to our new reviewer was ID Lube's Pleasure Tingling Water-Based Personal Lubricant.
On the plus side, the bottle is great.  You can travel with it and easily get through TSA Check Points without them taking your lube from you.  I travel a ton and it always sucks when I get to a hotel and have to jerk off with the thick hand lotion the hotel provides because TSA took my expensive bottle of nice lube.  This small lube bottle would probably fit an any pants pocket just fine, so it’s great for taking to strip clubs in hopes of scoring cheap thrills in lap dance booths.
Typically I do avoid “tingling” lubes.  I don’t know if the skin on my penis is extra sensitive or what, but the tingling is always just annoying and sometimes even a little “burny.”  This lube was not very tingly or burny at all.  As a matter of fact, I barely noticed any “tingling” at all. 
So if you are looking for that tingling sensation, this is not the lube for you.
Many water based lubes start to get foamy.  This one does.  Not as bad as Astro Glide, but still noticeable.  So I would not use this lube for a hand job scene because the foaming looks weird.


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