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ID Jelly

Review by Broad Stewart

What sort of water based magic is this?

ID Lube JellyIt STAYS PUT.  It's not runny or watery at all.  But it STAYS PUT.  I’m slightly enchanted by the physical properties of this lube.  It stays well when it's in contact with toys, and eventually just kinda, disappears.  No greasiness, no residue, no stains.  Just good memories.If you’re anything like me and have sensitive lady business, you know that water based is the way to go. Scent free, in the business of partying style science for my kitty.

As for using with other humans, it does get slightly gummy for a few seconds before fully evaporating, but it still leaves no residue after friction stops.

Check out ID Jelly here.

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Broad Stewart is many things - Life long New Englander, web developer, design enthusiast, amateur foodie, cis female gamer (gasp!), musician, unapologetic queer, writer, connoisseur of cunnilingus related hip hop, and all around nerd.  What is she not? Spoken for.


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