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Echo Massager from Svakom

Review by Allie Eve Knox


Allie Eve KnoxWe are delighted to feature reviews by Allie Eve Knox on a couple of terrific items which we are offering, particularly for our clients who have limited hand mobility issues. The latest item is the Echo Massager from Svakom. This is a beautifully designed, small but powerful vibrator that fits in your hand easily.


This product looks so much bigger in the pictures. It also comes in a pretty large box so I was kind of shocked to find it is a really small toy. It is a tiny purple toy, that fits in the palm of your hand. It has a simple up/down switch and has a lot of power for such a little toy. This could easily be worn under clothes.
The echo is really quiet. This is actually (in my opinion) the best selling point. No one would hear it in another room. The power is not like a hitachi but it much more powerful than the we-vibe 4 (which has a similar clit vibration placement.) Very similar to the Lelo femme lily. (I actually thought that is what this was when I pulled it out of the package.) Your roommate would never ever hear you with this toy, hehe.


It is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger. 


  • I felt that this toy fit my body perfectly. It is small enough to hold right against your body and get a good, constant vibration. 
  • This toy is actually super powerful. It has many different settings and all are really strong. 
  • The packaging was really beautiful and came with warranty card and information packet. Comes with a little carrying case. 
  • It has a simple up/down switch, that also controls the power. 
  • This toy hold it's charge for a long time. (I've used it for at least 3 hours in two weeks and haven't charged it since initially receiving. 
  • It took a long time to initially charge. I think I charged it for about 3 hours and it was still blinking when I took it off the power source. 

I really enjoyed this toy (much more than the We-vibe that it resembles). I had to really stretch to find a con here. This will be my new go toy toy. I rate this one all the stars I can. 

Check out the Echo from Svakom for yourself.


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Allie Eve Knox is a self-described Camgirl, Glamour model, Gypsy pornographer, Loser slayer.
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