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Cloud 9 Novelties Douches and Enemas by Lisey Sweet

Review by Lisey Sweet

We are delighted to introduce a new friend, adult performer Lisey Sweet. Lisey is a relative newcomer to adult film but is quickly build a reputation and devoted following. She was kind enough to review three of the Cloud 9 Fresh + enemas and share her experiences here.


Lisey Sweet shows off the Cloud 9 Portable Disposable Douche

The Cloud 9 Fresh + Portable Anal Enema Douche 3.3 oz EZ Squeeze Bulb 2 Pack is priced nicely enough that it can be disposed of an replaced easily. The packaging is attractive and easy to open. It cleans up surprisingly easily and with a wide mouth on the bulb, it fills quickly. The bulb is a little flimsy especially when it has warm water in it but the accordion style makes it easier to use than squeeze bulb counterparts and lends itself to easy storage. The nozzle is contoured for comfort for both vaginal and anal douching. For a pack of two, this will easily replace my heavy duty douches. 

These were awesome. They have replaced my current douches.They are compact and easily replaceable. I like that I can eyeball how much betadine to put in water for a good concentration because the douche is clear. On set most directors will provide disposable summers eve or enema douches to empty and use with water because they're cheap and it's hygienic to use disposable. If the clear ones were cheaper I believe they could replace the disposable ones on set.

The Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 11.8 oz comes with the trio of nozzles is attractive because if the flexibility of being able to use three different nozzles for different purposes. The nozzles from the trio are tapered slightly which is nice as a dual purpose to aid in a little bit of warm up for stretching the anus while cleaning. The nozzle with the rounded tip worked well enough for vaginal cleansing when used in a proper position and due to the fact that the nozzles have a little bit of flexibility to them. 

Lisey Sweet shows off Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 10.1 oz with EZ Squeeze BulbThe Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 10.1 oz with EZ Squeeze Bulb features a sculpted "clover-style" tip has multiple holes on each face for maximum liquid transfer. The opening of the bulb for the douches is wide, making filling and cleaning very easy. 
For anal cleansing, however, I found this tip to be a little large and difficult to insert without some stretching first. I believe most users would have difficulty with this nozzle. Additionally, the bulb is slightly too firm making it difficult to expel all of the liquid from the bulb and without proper care, liquid can easily be retracted into the bulb during cleaning. But I liked the nozzle and that it had a lot of exit points so the fluid passes easily.

The douches are pretty large so they can be a little difficult to handle. I like that the douches have a purple bulb. Offering different colors allows me to easily differentiate between douches I use for certain purposes instead of just black douches. 

My opinion: I was very excited upon receipt of the Cloud 9 douches. The different nozzles looked great, adding functionality to the douches. I had little hope for the clear plastic ones. They seemed too flimsy and the nozzles were small. The purple douches ended up being a let down for me primarily because the bulb was too firm. It's nice to have a high volume capacity but I couldn't expel more than half of the liquid and it pulled liquid back into it very easily which is unhygienic.

Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 10.1 oz with EZ Squeeze BulbThe rounded nozzle on the Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 11.8 oz was a little too big to start with- which I'm assuming if you're cleaning you haven't warmed up yet for anal. The nozzles were a little large and not comfortable to use unless you positioned yourself awkwardly. The rounded nozzle also only had five holes making the liquid that comes out at one time very slow.  



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