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Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche 7.6 oz with EZ Squeeze Bulb and 2 C-Rings

Review by Lance Hart
Lance HartOne of the newest additions to our store is the Cloud 9 Fresh Plus line of cleaning products. We sent one to our friend and Playgirl Spokemodel, Lance Hart, to use at work. See what he had to share about what we consider a terrific addition to our offerings.
I actually have to clean out a lot for scenes.  Almost every time, I just use a disposable Fleet bottle from a drug store or grocery store.  Porn sets typically have a bunch around. With the Cloud 9 Fresh + Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche there are some definite perks.



 First off, you can put about twice as much water in the bulb.  That means less trips back and forth from the sink to the toilet.  This is extra handy in San Francisco, where the toilet is often in a different room from the sink.  I’m not sure why they build places that way in the Bay Area, but it’s highly inconvenient when you need to clean out your but to have butt sex….  


TipAlso, with the Cloud 9, the tip is a little narrower.  On the down side, you have to put a little lube on it if your butthole is extra dry at the moment.  The disposable ones are pre-lubed…  Also, buying a Cloud 9 means pretty much committing to packing and traveling with an enema thing.  I know a lot of people who are cool with this, but you may or may not want to keep an enema thing around.  Some people just consider a douche something that you want to throw away after using…
All in all, I’m glad I have a Cloud 9.  I keep it in my shoot bag, and I don’t have to make extra trips to a CVS on the way to a shoot because I’m not sure if they have enema things or not.


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