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Chili Pepper Emojibator

Review by Meeshy

When I first received the package for the Chili Pepper Emojibator, I thought the concept was cute. The only problem with cute is when it comes to masturbating, I'm looking for Sexy, not Cute! The packaging looks cheap, (even though I’m buying what’s in the package and not the package itself) It comes in a thin cardboard box with no directions inside of it or cleaning tips for after use. I think that every toy when being used in or on the body should come with handling instructions and a pouch or some kind of cloth case to store it in when you are done with it. I in no way want to put this back in a plain cardboard box once I have used it and cleaned it.

Now to the good part…When I opened the package it was easy enough to see that I had to unscrew the top of the pepper and take off the white tab to activate the battery. I only knew to do that because I have used many toys.

For the average person who has not, it wouldn’t have been so easy to figure. It had a bunch of different speeds and settings that change while pushing a button on the top of the Pepper (The stem). The problem I had with this was the button you press to change the speeds and rhythms was not easy to push down on. Instead of being able to focus on the feeling, I was having to use 2 hands, one to hold the pepper in place and the other to push the button to get it to the speed I was looking for. Because of this, the experience wasn’t so pleasant for me.

One thing I did enjoy about this Vibrator is that it is waterproof and made with medical grade silicone giving it that soft touch feeling. Also, this little vibrator packs a big punch for such a little device. I had no problem feeling the different settings and speeds while resting it on me or inserting it inside of me.

The size was a nice small size and the rhythms were actually quite powerful, but again…if the button was easier to press and in a different spot on the vibrator, I feel I could have relaxed a bit and enjoyed the “ride”.  

If someone is looking for a cute novelty item for the beginner, I would recommend this item. If you are serious about your masturbation and know your body needs a specific sensation and easy to maneuver buttons, this is not your toy.


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I am a woman in my prime always looking for new ways to keep my sex life exciting. I have tried many toys and have yet to find one that compares to being with a partner, I am always looking for a toy that would work solo and with a partner as well.

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