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Anal Explorer Kit from Sportsheets

Review by Ryan Riesling

Sportsheets is back at it again with another awesome product!  Today we have their Anal Explorer Kit, a strap-on kit that's perfect for anal play.

Recommended for: Everyone, but I think this is a great product for someone new to anal and/or strap on play.  This kit comes with a strap-on harness, one smaller dildo ("Please" model, 5 inches), and a medium sized dildo ("Skyn" model, 6.5) inches.

The strap-on is adjustable for hips up to 60 inches, and I found the four-way straps easy to adjust to be snug but still comfortable (I have 36 inch hips).  My favorite part about this kit was how it came with different sized dildos!  The dildos have a great feel and consistency throughout, making insertion and penetration simple and comfortable.  They also have a slight curvature for fabulous g-spot or prostate stimulation.  I think the smaller "Please" dildo is an absolute perfect size for a first anal toy, and the mid-sized "Skyn" is great for beginner and more experienced anal explorers.

I even use these dildos without the strap-on during solo play for both vaginal and anal play, I like them that much.

What really makes this product memorable though is trying it out with a partner!  Experiment with different size quality dildos with an accommodating strap-on harness for anal or vaginal penetrative play, or you can always use them without the harness just to get comfortable with insertion.

It's also important to note that the dildos are silicone, so you get the advantage of a super silky feel inside and out of the body, as well as it heating up to body temperature quickly.  Water based lubes are a must when using this product!

All of this quality, fun, and pleasurable product can be yours for just $79.18!  A great gift for the strap-on or anally curious friend in your life!

Check out the Anal Explorer Kit from Sportsheets!

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Ryan Riesling is an up and coming porn performer who loves to review and promote awesome sex toys. The 24 year old is a North Carolina native, who enjoys cooking, bird watching, gaming, and going to the gym when she is not in Los Angeles creating new content with porn production companies.

Say hello to her via Twitter: @RyanRiesling

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