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Adam & Eve Vibe Therapy Petite

Review by Raven Skye

I loved how quickly my Morethansextoys.com order arrived. It was only a couple days and the packaging was very discreet. It didn't say anything about sex toys nor did it have a picture of a giant dildo on the package. Haha. I, as well as most of you agree, need discretion and enjoy privacy when ordering naughty toys through the mail. I didn't need my elderly roommate to see that I was receiving dildos and vibrators in the mail. 

This vibrator is not waterproof so don't try to use it in the bath or jacuzzi. It's very smooth and has no chemical smell or any smell at all. It's so tiny that using it with another toy, a dildo or butt ug for example, is very easy. O opted for a nice glass dildo.

This cute little purple vibrator was so much fun to use. It was less than 4 inches long and about an inch in diameter. It was like a larger version of a bullet vibrator. It has four different vibrator settings/speeds. There is Low, medium, fast, and alternating vibration. The alternating vibration setting goes two short vibes then one vibe then repeats. I used this fun little vibe in addition to a glass dildo and I, ahem, arrived twice. I have tried many other vibrators before and they were OK but I really enjoyed how compact and powerful this one was even with one tiny battery that was included in the small boxed package.
This vibrator came in my favorite color, purple, and white. It also came with the tiny little battery and I simply had to pop in the one battery and it was go time.

I first tried the medium setting and it was very nice. However, I need a lot of power so I turned it up to max power and I was on my way to happy land in less than 7-8 minutes. To turn it on you just push the button at the end of it. This is also how you change the vibration speed.

I love how compact and discreet this vibe is. You can pack it in your purse or your travel bag when you're on vacation or visiting family for the holidays. It's about the size and width of a small tampon. It was very quiet, as well. I really appreciated that as I have a roommate.

This Adam & Eve petite vibrator was tiny, easy to use, and powerful enough to do what it was supposed to do and I will most definitely be using it again and again. I highly recommend Morethansextoys.com and the Adam & Eve brand and their cute but strong vibrator.

The best features:

  1. small and discreet
  2. battery was included
  3. different vibration settings for your different needs
  4. quiet

The cons:

  1. it is not waterproof
  2. there were no attachments or sensation nubs, if you're into that.

Check out the Adam & Eve Vibe Therapy Petite for yourself.


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