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Adam & Eve Silicone Cheeky Anal Vibe

Review by Bubbles

I am new to anal and I have to say the Adam & Eve Silicone Cheeky Anal Vibe was perfect for me as a beginner. I cannot attest to what it may be like for someone of more moderate experience, but for me, this toy is just right and here is why. For starters, the girth of this vibrator is not too wide. Just a little over an inch thick. My previous introduction to anal included beads, along with a few less than pleasant times of being torn during attempts at sex. The toy is wider than the widest bead I’ve used, but not as wide as a penis. So it is a good middle ground and allows you to really experience anal before graduating to the fullness of an actual penis.

Let’s talk about the toy itself. The silicone material is silky smooth and with a bit of lube, slides in with ease. The tip is shaped much like the tip of a penis, just more slender an there are 3 ridges down the shaft, each about an inch apart. The ridges kind of pop into place as the vibe is pushed in and they create a nice sensation when pulled in and out.  From tip to base is 5 inches. The handle at the end adds another 2 ½ inches with 2 straight forward buttons, one being the on/off switch and the other to change the pulse of the vibe. There are 10 vibration settings, the first three being a light, medium and strong steady vibration, followed by 7 pulse settings.
The girth of this toy, in combination with its silky smooth feel, is really what sold me. It felt comfortable inside me and was not at all intimidating to me as a novice. I was able to have a truly enjoyable experience with anal, that I had never had before. It is so enjoyable in fact that it gets me off in record time. I’m usually plagued to take much longer to masturbate than I assume it takes for other women. After my previous experimentation, I was beginning to think I might never enjoy anal, but now I feel like I have seen the light.

My only complaints are that I wish the vibration was stronger and I wish it were easier to use with a partner.

The vibrations are best felt when the toy is only a portion of the way inside of you, for maybe just the first inch or two. The farther in I pushed, the less I could really feel it. I tested it just now on my hand and it is the same. The vibration is strongest around the tip. I recommend the pulse settings once you insert it all the way, because they are more noticeable sensations that I could continue to feel, but all of the settings were a touch too mild for me personally. This really was a minor annoyance for me overall, but could be an issue if you are looking forward to the vibe aspect of this toy.

Although I had a great time with this toy during masturbation, I do not think it is designed to be used during sex. This really is not a flaw with the toy itself though and is just a mild disappointment since I’ve been excited to try out couple’s toys. My buddy and I tried inserting it while he entered me vaginally and he agreed that it was hard to keep everything together. I haven’t tried a butt plug, but the way they taper at the bottom looks like an ideal design to keep the toy in place for sex. This vibe doesn’t taper and you have to hold on to the handle to keep it from slipping out. Holding on to this thing while you are trying to bump and grind is no piece of cake.

In all, I was satisfied, quite literally with this product and I would personally recommend this toy to anyone who is just starting out.
Please check out the Adam & Eve Silicone Cheeky Anal Vibe here.


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Bubbles is a twenty something customer service representative, living alone with her small dog in a new apartment. This fashion and arts lover is sex toy novice looking to broaden her creative prowess through sexual experimentation.

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