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Adam & Eve G3

Review by Broad Stewart

The design is nice and simple, but there’s definite thought put into the shape.  The main shaft is about 7 ½ inches long and the clitoral stimulator goes out about 3 ½  inches.  The waterproof silicone makes it easy to clean up with soap and water or toy cleaner and doesn’t get that gummy film that can sometimes occur on cheaper toys.

USB charging is always a plus because there is nothing worse than getting yourself ready for a nice night in and realizing all of your AAAs are as dead as your dream of cohabitation.  If you’ve yet to experience the majesty that is USB rechargeable vibes, I cannot recommend it enough.

The tapered end, meant as a g spot stimulator if you are fortunately shaped, is a bit pointy, but makes for good ease of insertion. Just be gentle!  Despite the taper, I would definitely recommend a dab of lube. Lube is forever and always a good idea.

Can I get a hallelujah for waterproof vibes though? Get yourself a bath bomb, some aromatherapy candles, and a decent playlist and go to town with this one.  Treat yourself.

What sets this apart is the three separate motors in the shaft, tip and rabbit eared clit stimulator that can be triggered independently depending on the pattern. The patterns include:

  1. All 3 motors, consistent regular speed
  2. All 3 motors, consistent higher speed
  3. Each motor individually, even pulses, starting with the clit stimulator, then the middle then the tip.
  4. All 3 motors in two second pulses, regular speed
  5. Four quick bursts of each motor individually, starting with the clit stimulator, then the middle then the tip.
  6. From what I can tell, this is completely random, one or more at a time at various intervals. A nice break from the monotony, for sure.
  7. All three motors in quick pulses

As an added feature, there's an LED light display to show which motors are running in the different pattern modes, a nice intuitive user interface feature.  While deceptively simple, the visual feedback is nice so you can see which pattern it's currently set to, as opposed to doing the wait and count game some of us are all too familiar with!

Despite the ease of use and great features, if you’re looking for a strong vibe this may leave you wanting. On a scale from a bumble bee in a jar to a jack hammer, this one is a stand mixer at best.

The rabbit ears with an individual motor are nice and definitely provide for a variety of good vibrations, shout out to Brian Wilson, however if you are like me and enjoy stimulation above your clitoris as opposed to on the side or below/on the pelvic bone, you may find this to be a bit lacking.

Overall, this is a nice little vibe, and definitely one of my favorite bath toys! The controls are intuitive, the vibe cycles break the mold a little bit, and the standalone motor on the clit stimulator set it apart from similar toys.

Buy the Adam & Eve G3 here.

Recommend water-based lube like Sliquid H2O.


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