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Adam & Eve Complete Lovers Kit Purple

Review by Bubbles

Get ready for a my first vibrator story! The Complete Lovers Kit by Adam & Eve is a smorgasbord for beginners, like myself. The inch thick bullet style vibrator comes with 3 styles of sleeves: realistic, rabbit, and nubs, each 6 inches in length. There are also a set of Ben Wa balls, a cock ring, and anal beads to experiment with, for a myriad of new sensations.

As soon as I opened the box, I popped 2 AA batteries into the vibe and got started with the rabbit style sleeve. There are little nubs on the "ears" and with it fully inserted they do a good job of reaching and rubbing my clit. You can also turn it 180 and tap the booty, because why not? It reaches both areas equally well on me. The box does not state the material, but the vibrator sleeves are soft and plasticy, with enough flex to bend in half and have them pop right back to their original shape. They are a little tacky to the touch, but smooth right up with water based lube. And I will say, be careful where you set these things down. They have a tendency to pick up fuzz. You will want to put a little lube on the bullet before sliding on the sleeve or they can be hard to slip on and off. The vibe also has a dial on the bottom for multi speeds, although it can be tricky to turn down or off, especially with lube on your fingers. The dial is on the battery lid, so I've unscrewed the whole thing by mistake several times, which is only slightly annoying, 

My hook up buddy used the realistic style on me next, mostly for clitoral stimulation while he was penetrating me and it definitely added some intensity that I was missing from my toy-less sex life. He also tried the cock ring, but I don't think either of us were impressed with it. It is made out of the same material as the sleeves, and is very floppy. I think it was a bit to tight on his little guy too, though maybe it is suppose to squeeze it. Having never used one before, I expected to feel it right away, but truth be told I didn't even notice it was there. It was seemingly useless. Eventually he just seemed to get annoyed by it too and took it off. Maybe if it were made of a stiffer material it would be more effective, but it was no big deal really, since the kit is filled with other goodies to get the job done.

Our second time with the toys, he grabbed the nubby sleeve. I had been avoiding this one because, as a newbie, it just looked like it would be completely uncomfortable. It reminds me of a mace really, and doesn't that sound unpleasant to have inside you? We started off with good old fashion natural sex and we moved on to the vibrator. By that point, it was much easier for me to warm up to the idea of having this thing inside me, and it felt great. When he was thrusting, the nubs bumped and rubbed all the right places.

I like a lot of stimulation, so this took it to level that I really enjoyed. I'm happy to have tried it and am a fan of all those intimidating spiky looking nubs after all.

He took out the nubby sleeve and the beads came next. I have only had 2 very unsuccessful experiences with anal before this, but plenty of people seem to enjoy it so I think there must be something to it that I am missing. At any rate, I was willing to give it another try. The graduated beads are a great introduction to anal. The beads are said to measure 8 inches on the box. They have a curve, but are flexy and are made from a harder plastic than the sleeves and ring. Bending them straight, I actually measured them to be over 10 inches and there are 10 balls total in 5 sizes, think 2 extra small, followed by 2 small, followed by 2 medium and so on. They are also not as tacky and smoother to touch than the sleeves. I let him use it on me since he's had more experience with toys and because I was too chicken to try it on my own. He lubed it up and pushed it in me slowly. It was completely new to me, so mainly it felt odd, but wasn't exactly unpleasant. After putting it part way in, he put the vibe back in me vaginally, still with the nubby sleeve. The vibe was a great distraction from how awkward the beads felt. He pushed them both in and out of me at the same time and it began to feel less strange. Even if it wasn't a feeling of ecstasy, it was certainly sexy to have him work both of these toys into me and I was very turned on. I had better success with the beads on my own, and discovered I like to push one in as I orgasm. The pressure can feel nice.

I have to admit, the Ben Wa balls are a little beyond me. As a beginner, they are just too strange and new to me. I had to actually look up what they were for before using them. Turned out these 2 little balls on a string are inserted vaginally and can be used to strengthen Kegel muscles. If you use them often, they are even suppose to help boost your sex drive. You can even have sex with them in apparently, though I didn't do this. But you're probably smarter than me and already knew all that. The balls are a hard enough plastic that they keep their shape, but with a little pressure you can push in the plastic and it's a little cushy. They are plastic and smooth, not tacky, and attached to a string between them, with a loop off of one of them to make them easier to pull back out. Each ball seems to have a smaller ball inside it that tumbles around. When they are inside you, you can feel a sensation from the tumbling balls when you shift about. I walked around my apartment one evening with them in. It was a bit like wearing a large tampon, honestly speaking. Although I didn't end up having sex with them in, I did wear them over my buddy's house to be quirky. I thought it would be silly to have him find them in me and having him take them out of me was a fun way to start sex. The Ben Wa balls are definitely intriguing and I'll be experimenting with them more, for sure.

The toys rinse up easily in soap and water. Though, I recommend paying extra attention to cleaning the Ben Was, as they don't come unattached from the string and may collect bacteria. I would avoid getting the dial wet on the vibe as well since I don't think it is waterproof. 

In all, the kit was a delightful little buffet of sensations and a perfect initiation for the curious newcomer to world of sex toys. I look forward to returning to it again and again. 


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Bubbles is a twenty something customer service representative, living alone with her small dog in a new apartment. This fashion and arts lover is sex toy novice looking to broaden her creative prowess through sexual experimentation.

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