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System Jo All In One Citrus Massage Glide

Review by Lady Bliss

The title of this lubricant states "All In One:  massage glide,  personal lubricant, and skin/tattoo conditioner".    And an added bonus-- citrus!    Let's experiment!

so nice, not too much citrus (after all we don't want to think about lemon-y dish detergent during play time).  

quite perfect, not 'goopy' and not runny, slides right into your skin and stays put.  Feels very light. 

Uh-oh.  Has a very funky fish-like taste.  It's the strangest thing I've ever come across in a lubricant.  Moving on now....

As the use of a lubricant:
I first used my hand and gently massaged the genital area.   It really felt wonderful on my skin, not too slippery and definitely not sticky.  I used a few drops on a generic dildo and the dildo slid right into my vagina, again not too slippery that it came right back out.  Just those few drops were enough for me. 

Wait, what IS that smell?  I sniff my hand and I get the same fish-like lemon smell that I got when I tasted it.  It didn't smell at first, only when I rubbed it thoroughly into my skin.  Is it me??  Did I not shower properly??  I wait a few days and try again, this time using the lube to just massage my hands like hand lotion and the same thing happens after some time-- that funky smell. 

The quality of this product is definitely above average.  I could be happy just using only this lubricant.  Unfortunately, I cannot use this product with a partner because of the smell.   How embarrassing that would be!   Using it by myself is not a problem, as I won't be tasting it anyway, and the smell isn't a strong smell, it is slight, so for self-use I will continue to at least use up the rest of the bottle.   Overall, not recommended due to strange taste and smell.  

Did MoreThanSexToys.com pay for this product?     NO (received as sample from Manufacturer)

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Lady Bliss is a college-educated mom in her forties who is open-minded towards not only others' sexuality but has taken time in recent years to experiment with her own. She has a busy schedule but has begun to take time for herself and learn more about what gives her pleasure. Recently, she has expanded her sexual boundaries to include bisexuality and group sex and hopes to help others expand their boundaries as well whether it be with a partner(s) or alone.

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