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Review of Pink™ Silicone Lube by Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor Pink Lube

Our friend, the Porn Star Hunter, Jay Taylor, tried out one of our favorite products and provided her own take on this lube.

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I've never reviewed a lube before... Typically I just use throat spit or coconut oil, but Pink is the first lube I've tried that I LOVE. I don't like the smell or feel of water based and I have terrible reactions to them;

Pink is silicone based (I've used Astroglide but this is way nicer) and is odorless, tasteless, and silky smooth. 

I'm also completely unreactive to it. It feels gentle, and I'm not all gross and sticky after sex, and since I do porn, there's a lot of sex.

My only complaint is that the top of the bottle broke off, so I'm going to have to transfer it to another container.


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  • Mark Olson, VP Sales & Marketing, Empowered Products on

    Jay, we make PINK lubricant. Thanks for the great review. Sorry about the bottle. Email your address and we’ll send you a replacement. Mark

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