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ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Lubricant






Review by Cosima Brock

ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Lubricant
is a clean and effective tool for your sexual health and pleasure. It’s slick without being tacky, won’t stain your sheets, or irritate your nose with strong odors. It’s fragrance free, but it does have a very light, almost clinical/medicinal whiff. In fact, I discovered on their website that it’s approved as an FDA 510K medical device, which means it’s safe enough for use in doctor’s offices.

When using the lube, it was long-lasting and can be rehydrated with a bit of water or saliva if it starts to dry out on you. It’s easily washed off your skin with more water, which did prove tricky when I tested it in the shower. But for your average romp in bed with a partner or in service of yourself, this is a good utilitarian lube for regular use.


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