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The Marilyn from Evolved Novelties

Review by Cosima Brock

Marilyn from Evolved NoveltiesThe Marilyn from Evolved Novelties is a curvaceous, g-spot stimulating vibe with dual points of contact: first with a 4”-length insertable vibe, followed by a 2”-length clit stimulator. Like its famous namesake, it has an hourglass-esque shape and is ultra-femininely styled in a bright pink. The 3”-length handle features a simple two buttons for controls, one for power and the other to switch between the 10 speed functions. No batteries required here; she’s rechargeable using the included USB charging cable specific to the vibe, easily plugged into your computer or spare cell phone charger. The charging port is small and easy to miss (an almost imperceptible pinprick), but it’s located directly on the bottom of the toy below the settings button. It takes about an hour or two to fully charge and you can’t use it while plugged in, but it lasted me three reasonably lengthy uses before I had to charge her again.

From a sexual health standpoint, Marilyn is 100% silicone, both phthalate and latex free, and washes up very easily with silicone-safe toy cleaner and warm water. And don’t worry about water damage, because she is completely waterproof. Bring this beauty into the shower or tub for the best kind of spa/self-care day. But, should anything happen to our dear Marilyn during submersion, insertion, or other wild fun, Evolved offers a 5 year warranty regardless of point of sale/where it was purchased.

In using the toy, I was extremely happy with the feel of the silicone material. It’s luxurious, smooth, and easily lubed up and stays that way. The vibration settings are impressive in their variation. Available patterns begin with the standard low, medium, and high speeds of steady vibration, then the pulsing ranges from quick increasing & repeating intensity, steadily paced strong vibes or wild, house music type beats and lots in between.

 Marilyn from Evolved Novelties

As a vibe, it’s a really good one. Using it on my own for clitoral stimulation alone did the job and then some.  My partner used it on me with insertion and I wasn’t as thrilled. The only con, and it’s a personal one, is that the insertable end was a bit bulky for my body. At its widest point it’s about 2” across in diameter and has a 5” circumference which proved to be too much girth. To be fair, I can take or leave penetration altogether, and while the toy was effective when used as intended, even with plenty of lubrication I felt enough discomfort in inserting and removing the toy that I will probably not use it vaginally again. However, if thickness and width get you off, and you crave g-spot targeted penetration, this is the starlet for the job.


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Cosima Brock is a tattooed chef and musician currently masquerading as a mild-mannered insurance assistant. She spends her free time playing post-apocalyptic RPGs and buying too much cheese. Home is forever in New England with fellow chef husband, two feisty felines, and however many friends show up for dinner..

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