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kGoal Kegel Exerciser from Minna Life

Review by Cosima Brock

The kGoal Kegel (get it? Long live wordplay) Exerciser is a technological wonder. First, it arrived in sleek packaging: it feels like it came from the Apple store, if there was a sexual health genius bar, and includes a USB charger specific to the kGoal. Of note, there is no wall charger included, so if you don’t have a sex toy/cell phone/tablet charging bar next to your bed like I do, you’ll need a computer or other USB port. Charge between uses, because the device won’t function while charging.

The kGoal itself is mildly reminiscent of those strength-tester joysticks you find in some bars with an extra, mini arm attached. Comparing the two, it isn’t far off - the main controller is called the squeeze pillow and that is exactly what you do with your pelvic floor muscles. In handling it right out of the box before reading the instructions, I thought I ruined the thing in the first two minutes when I squeezed all the air from the pillow. But, once I actually read the tiny 10 page instruction booklet, I discovered I could reinflate or deflate the squeeze pillow via the comfort vent at the bottom of the device. In fact, the first instruction is to squeeze the air out of the pillow with your hand. So chalk one up for me for getting there on my own.

Once the kGoal is deflated, use the handy free sample of Good Clean Love 95% organic ‘almost naked’ personal lubricant included to lube up the squeeze pillow joystick and insert. You’ll definitely want the kGoal to be properly lubricated with silicone-safe or water-based lubricants. I had some very mild discomfort my first go which could’ve been easily prevented with more lube. If you get stuck or have questions, there are super helpful tutorial videos for this and every feature/workout available at minnalife.com/kgoal. When it’s comfortably inside, you’ll press the vent button at the bottom of the squeeze pillow to reinflate and custom-fit the kGoal to your body.

Now comes the fun part - the squeeze pillow actually IS A JOYSTICK. Folks with Apple or Android smartphones or tablets can download the 100% free companion app (also called kGoal) and connect to the device via Bluetooth for real-time feedback on three available workout games: Brick, where you control a paddle that moves along the bottom of the screen by squeezing to bounce a ball and break bricks in an arcade classic; Shape Shift, where squeezing and relaxing controls a sliding door to let various shapes through; and finally, Moving Target, which is a more straight-forward workout where you’ll practice several types of squeezing . Each game focuses on improving your strength, endurance and control, and scores your workout on the easy-to-read dashboard where you can track your progress and fiddle with the settings, including optional push notification workout reminders to help meet the goals you can set. By default, when you first use your pelvic floor muscles to squeeze the pillow you’ll get vibrational feedback from the pillow itself, but you can change this in the app to vibrate from the mini arm instead,  which rests quite brilliantly in the clitoral region. Or both. Because why not both? And, if you don’t have access to a smartphone or tablet, there are instructions included on how to reset the vibrational feedback manually.

Not only are the games a delight to play, they’re effective. After the first few sessions I had that pleasant muscle soreness you get after a good workout and the app dashboard reported a positive trend in my strength, endurance, and control. I also experimented with leaving the kGoal inside after my workout and combining it with a small bullet vibe (I tend to prefer clitoral stimulation) with some extremely satisfying results. Remember, the kGoal only vibrates when you squeeze, so it will buzz on and off at just the right moments.

Between the kGoal itself and the available videos, you can use the device without a smartphone, but honestly, the app is what truly takes this product over the top. The feedback is invaluable and it’s just plain fun. If you’re looking to improve your sexual health with kegel exercises, this is a smart purchase.


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Cosima Brock is a tattooed chef and musician currently masquerading as a mild-mannered insurance assistant. She spends her free time playing post-apocalyptic RPGs and buying too much cheese. Home is forever in New England with fellow chef husband, two feisty felines, and however many friends show up for dinner..

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