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Doc Johnson – Good Head Cherry

Review by Hot Sauce 

The GoodHead To Go Deep Throat Spray from Doc Johnson is is a fun lube to use when giving a blow job to numb your mouth and provide a little flavor if you don’t like the taste of your guy.  If you have any issues with glycerin, don’t buy this.  I don’t so gave it a try. 

The cherry flavor is very much like kids cough syrup.  I was not a fan of the taste.  There are other flavors offered in the product that I may have liked better like mint or passion fruit. 

But taste aside, the lube is a good texture.  A little goes a long way so no need to use a lot of it.  Put a dollop on his shaft and then go to town.  The Good Head flavor wore off after a few minutes. 

What worked for me is I felt like my mouth didn’t get as tired as it does when I do it without the product.  I would recommend it but try the other flavors to find which one you like best.


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