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Lelo Ina Wave

Review by Hot Sauce 

“ I really wanted to love the Ina Wave as I heard such great things about it.  It’s made of a soft silicone which feels like butter.  The handle is comfortable to hold.  The vibe buttons are easy to find and press even in the throws of passion.  There are a ton of sensation settings so lots of variety for what you like in a vibe pattern. 

Here is where it went wrong for me.  The shaft of the vibe was not long enough to hit my G Spot.  I wanted it to go deeper.  The rabbit part of the vibe, would not line up in the right spot for my body. 

I know this is a great product as I have heard people rant and rave about how good it works.  But for my body, it was not a good fit. 


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Hot Sauce is an executive and mom in her forties who balances her time between work, her kids and boyfriend. She has experience in a wide array of marketing and sales experience in consumer industries .

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