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VeDO Plum Vibrating Kegel Ball

Review by Hot Sauce 

I would love to give this product a good review but I was never able to use it.  The Plum Kegel ball has a soft silicone cover with a great string like handle for easy insertion and removal. 

In order to put in the batteries, you have to remove the ball from the silicone cover.  This is where everything went wrong.  It is difficult to open the ball to put in the batteries.  Once you figure that out, you then have to put the ball back in the cover. 

After many tries, I struggled to put the ball back in position.  I am a coordinated person but I tried and tried and finally threw the thing across the room because I was so frustrated that the silicone cover is tight to trying to line the ball up in the right position it was just not worth it. 

So, the concept of the product is good, but bad design makes it almost impossible to use.


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Hot Sauce is an executive and mom in her forties who balances her time between work, her kids and boyfriend. She has experience in a wide array of marketing and sales experience in consumer industries .

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