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Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner

The best toy cleaner I've used essentially because it works well with any type of sex toy material, is odor-free, and performs exactly as expected in cleaning off any bodily fluids or lubrication liquids from the toy.    An inexpensive product that I swear by and use every toy, every time.   I spray generous amounts on the toy (never on the part where the batteries are housed) and I let sit for one minute.  Then I rinse off with water, being careful not to get the battery compartment wet.   Then I place the toy on a towel and air dry overnight.   

If you intend to have playtime at least a few times a month, definitely get the larger size bottle.  It does last quite a while but you may even want to buy a few, and possibly a larger size for home and smaller size for travel.    This light cleaner is well worth the peace of mind you will have when using your toy the next time, knowing it is clean and ready to satisfy you!

Available in 4-ounce and 8.3-ounce sizes here.

Lady Bliss is a college-educated mom in her forties who is open-minded towards not only others' sexuality but has taken time in recent years to experiment with her own. She has a busy schedule but has begun to take time for herself and learn more about what gives her pleasure. Recently, she has expanded her sexual boundaries to include bisexuality and group sex and hopes to help others expand their boundaries as well whether it be with a partner(s) or alone.

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